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  • MBA in Public Admin

  • Public School CTE Instructor

  • OEA Member

  • ACTE Member


  • Public School CTE Instructor

  • Student Success Program Coordinator

  • OEA Member

  • ACTE Member

Concrete Skate and Bike Park

The Journey Towards a Personally Fulfilling Career Begins with a Strong Foundation of Soft Skills. Start building that Foundation with us Today.  

Ms. Carter is very child-centered and keeps the students' needs, concerns, and goals first and foremost."

- Thomas G. Shade

Former Assistant Superintendent, 

North Central Ohio ESC

Jenna's ability to motivate and inspire students is a natural gift that not only is magical but it is infectious for other educators"

- Angela Eddings

Columbus City Schools VCAP  Program Coordinator

This [curriculum] is an opportunity for us to reach into the realm of education and add an opportunity that’s sometimes not offered in all institutions."

- The Late

Dr. Obie Bender

Former Executive to the President

Baldwin Wallace University

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