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My WORTHY Principle

The art of teaching is an immense science. Sometimes, though, aspects of the craft can be hypothesized, scrutinized, and re-revised to the point of needing euthanized. 

Before beginning my second career as a teacher I spent years in the business world. While there I spent time with successful individuals from a variety of professions; from homemakers and athletes, to entrepreneurs and musicians, CEOs, models, lawyers, name it.

I observed that one characteristic they all had in common was their worthiness in pursuing their endeavor. I'm not talking about self confidence. Self-confidence is merely an attituded. I'm making reference to a belief system. I believe the genesis of success in any pathway a student may choose is nothing scientific; but by implementing what I call The Worthy Principle.

First of all, they have to Work hard. I have never seen smart work manifest without hard work preceding it. They must Own their destiny. This is the confidence part of their journey. They must Respect life; not only theirs, but those of all the stakeholders they will effect. They must Think critically. They must Hold themselves accountable, not just for their big hits, but for their bombs too. Finally, and most importantly, they must Yearn to learn.

So how does it look to be a WORTHY employee, and how can one maintain WORTHY-ness on a job? Stay tunned!

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